Street Art

at Dalegate Market

We are home to independent shops and a cafe, services, events and street art. Take a look around, and we hope to see you at Dalegate Market in Burnham Deepdale on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.



Family Day Out

Artist - Andy Maule

In this piece of work, Andy imagined the emotions we all experience on a "family day out": Mum and Dad connected with hands, while Mum is concerned (but not massively) about the independence being shown by their young son, who knows that the physical separation from his parents allows him to exhibit his growing self assurance.

The work uses ceramic masks attached to minimised metal (steel) bodies. Despite these 'abbreviated' forms the body language is clear.

Andy said, "Dalegate Market is a perfect place for this work to be sited. It is about people sharing time away from home, with all the joy and tensions that brings. In its precise location I hope it will amuse visitors and that they will identify with the 'family' members."

Find Family Day Out in the passage between Deepdale Cafe and FatFace.


About The Artist

Andy Maule retired from his professional career as a scientist in 2011 to pursue his long-standing interest in the arts, in particular, sculpture. Working largely through self-exploration, he would be described as an 'outsider artist'. His work is predominantly, although loosely, figurative. Andy's medium is mostly ceramic, but he also recently exhibited work finished in bronze, and decorated plaster. Many of his stoneware pieces fit well in a garden setting. Andy's portfolio of work can be found at

All the monies generated through the production and installation of this work were donated to the The Mudeka Foundation to help disadvantaged school children in Zimbabwe -



Benjamin Foundation Butterfly Trail

Coming Soon

You'll soon be able to follow a trail of ceramic butterflies around the Dalegate Market and Deepdale Camping & Rooms site. Hopefully we can encourage you to leave a donation for the Benjamin Foundation in return.